Who says an office water dispenser cannot be stylish?

BRITA ViTap, a new premium water dispenser takes office branding to a whole new level.

Meet BRITA’s brand new water dispenser: BRITA VITAP.

Show me an interior designer, who has designed a water dispenser in a client’s meeting room design plan. Who enthusiasically drew a beautiful water dispenser in any kitchen design? Show me a marketing pro, who thinks of water machines as brand-building tools?

Of course, no one, because they haven’t encountered BRITA’s brand new water dispenser, BRITA ViTap. YET.

With ViTap, BRITA aims to take office branding to a new level. BRITA not only sees its water dispensers as a products to provide crystal clear water, but also designs them as style landmarks, that contribute to its customers’ brand. To make brand experience whole, BRITA offers 4 types of customizable premium bottles to go with ViTap.

BRITA ViTap is designed and manufactured in Germany and represents premium German quality. For ViTap, BRITA’s offers premium maintenance package through its exclusive partner in Hungary – ITM International.

In addition to style, BRITA has patented its so-called ThermalGate system. The sytem protects BRITA’s water dispensers from contamination through external influences. The tap will be automatically heated up to over 125°C at 90 minutes intervals and thus be thermally disinfected, all without affecting the outflowing water’s temperature. ThermalGate works continuously, so it disinfects not only during use, but also standby mode. The ThermalGate system is fully automatic, free of chemicals and human intervention.

Between 02-30 November, BRITA offers one-on-one, exclusive product presentation ONLINE or IN PERSON. You can reserve a slot by sending an email to britapartner@itmwending.com.

Moreover, you can get 10% discount off of ViTap’s list price, if you place an order until the end of the year.

BRITA water dispensers on Az Év Irodája website